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valentines day contestWe are posting a summary of our Valentine’s Day stories.  They were all wonderful and we thought you would like to read them.  The winner of the gift certificate (by random drawing) was Ms. Ewing.

2011 Valentine’s Day Contest Submissions

My husband Nicholas is so special because he truly takes his role as husband and father deeply to heart! Every night he comes home from work and asks me what he can do to make my life better!!! As a mother, you know that often means he can do something to make my children’s lives better/happier and fulfills my needs just the same.  I grew up under very rough circumstances, but my husband has taken it on himself to walk with me and help me see that life can be so sweet!

(Kathy B.)

I have always know how good I had it, but over Christmas I was remindedWe had some good friends come spend the holidays with us and share in the birth of our fourth daughter.  As I was very pregnant and having a lot of false labor, Tal was spending a lot of time helping with our other three children (2, 4, 6).  He was so sweet, making sure I got to sleep enough every night by getting up with a sick toddler for three nights in a row.  He kept up with all our laundry: not only cleaning it but helping to fold and put away.  He made sure we had groceries aplenty, and helped cook when he could.  He played with the kids.  He did baths (who am I kidding, he always gives the baths because it is my least favorite chore!).  He helped with cleaning the house everyday.  On Christmas Day, I was having a lot of contractions and was just really tired after getting Christmas ready for the kids and helping get lunch ready.  He told me to sit in my rocking chair and relax for the rest of the afternoon.  Our friends were sitting there with us and w were all watching football having a blast.  It got quiet and my friend’s husband realized all the kids has disappeared.  He went searching for them, only to find Tal there with his little girl and our three older children, on the floor in the middle of the playroom, playing with all the new Christmas toys together.  Steve came back downstairs and said, “You know, I have never met a man that was so dedicated to his family. I am put to shame at the amount of love and dedication he shows.”  I guess I have always really appreciated what a great guy I have, but it sure meant a lot for someone else to point it out too.  I went into labor the next morning and had our little Lotte Beth.  Tal continues to juggle teaching, coaching tennis, tutoring, and being a huge part of the everyday workings of our household.  I sure could not do life without him ~ even if he did not give the baths.

(Mary E.)

I met my husband in July of 2005.  I volunteered with Bartlett Community Theatre for their production of “Bye Bye Birdie” as the Stage Manager.  As my first gig of the sort, I was already a nervous wreck and was finding it hard to do my job (which included “bossing” adults around! I was only 17! How could *I* tell them what to do :P) so I was always compensating to make up where I was lacking.  I had already met DC Nash (he was the lead in the play) and we were talking off and on.  One evening, I was in the middle of a scene change and was jumping up to grab the rope for the curtain since I had to use my weight to putt it open and I started feeling a tugging on my wired headset but the show must go on! I kept pulling and pulling…the more I pulled, the lower to the ground I was forced! My headset was caught in the pulley!? I kept pulling and finally go the curtain opened to the right position and as I stared at the floor trying to figure out how I was going to get out of there, DC came up and giggled at me.  He helped me out of the pulley and we started dating from then on. J For months later, we were engaged and married August of 2006. (And still doing theatre off and on together!)

(Amanda N.)

John and I met in college, we were both engineering majors looking for the room where our very first Engineering Student Council meeting was to take place. My first impression of him was that he was very good looking and smart.  We became friends but didn’t date until later, but I learned he was trying to win me over everyday he saw me.  We got married 4 years later, in the chapel on campus where we met.  He has always been supportive of my wants, needs, and decisions even when he does not fully agree.  I appreciate everything that he does for me and our family, love him more and more everyday and do everything in my power to make sure he feels the same way.

(Andrea K.)

Dax and I were introduced by mutual friends in 1994.  We spent two days together when I went to Israel for 2 weeks.  We have been together ever since I came home from that trip.  We had a long distance thing going for 5 months while I was at college.  Moved home and we started living together.  Bought a house, and lived in sin for a year, got married in 1998.  We have had 2 boys and been best friends for almost 18 years.  I am the luckiest woman in the world.  It really doesn’t matter if someone has a better story, we already won!

(Blair J.)

I am excited to share our story.  Thanks for the opportunity…It was 6 months after the start of the Iraq war and a medical unit was deployed.  Within the group were SPC Deidre Phillips and SPC Lowell Bush.  I, Army Specialist Deidre Phillips, so loved being called up with the 330thCombat Support Hospital out of Millington that not a day passed without my noting it.  How many days, Phillips? A comrade would call out.  “Only 268!… I was counting them down.  We hadn’t even hit the overseas deployment site and I had a calendar.” Everyone always would say they could count on me.  But, we, Lowell and I formally met at the in-processing station at Fort Benning, GA (even though we were from the same unit).  The unit was so big and we had different military occupations that we never saw one another.  But once we were deployed, because we were the youngest of the group and the same rank, we became battle buddies – a pair of soldiers that looked out for one another in war circumstances…we looked out for each other, we pulled guard together, and we prayed together.  But one day, 5 months into the deployment, I (Deidre) got gravely sick and was hospitalized.  I was in the hospital sedated for about two days; but when I awoke.  Lowell was sitting by my hospital bed waiting on me.  The hospital staff told me he had gotten special permission to stay with me “around the clock.” Then he told me that he was my battle buddy and I could also always count on him to never leave my side no matter what; and seven years later, three kids, a cat and 4 fish later, he is still keeping his promise.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

(Deidre B.)