What Is a Prebirth Office Tour?

Prebirth Tour at All better PediatricsWould you get married without dating first? Would you purchase a crib or car seat without visiting the store and selecting the one that best fits you and your car? Would you buy a car without taking a test drive? Of course not!  At All Better Pediatrics we encourage all new parents to visit our office for a complimentary prebirth tour as part of selecting a pediatrician to care for their child.

A prebirth tour is a private, one-on-one, guided tour of our office with Dr. Folz, Dr. Welch and/or our Nurse Practitioner, Jamie Carpenter. At this time, the expectant parents can see the facility, meet and greet the staff, and get to know our down-to-earth approach to pediatric care.

At a prebirth tour you will:

  • Meet with Dr. Folz, Dr. Welch and/or Jamie to learn more about their approach to practicing medicine and helping to raise your child
  • Ask our doctors any questions about what you, as new parents, should anticipate after your baby arrives
  • Tour our bright and friendly office to make sure it is the place for you
  • Meet our wonderful medical assistants
  • See our life-size murals that provide a fun environment for your baby

How do I Schedule a Prebirth Tour?

You can schedule a tour by calling our office at 901.761.1880.  We encourage both mom and dad to attend. Generally, these meetings last about 15 to 30 minutes.

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