Measles in Memphis

Measles Mania in Memphis: an Overview of the Outbreak With the recent outbreak of measles in Memphis, there has been a ton of media coverage of the outbreak but not much basic information about the measles.  We have been getting a lot of calls from concerned All Better parents with all sorts of questions about the measles and what an outbreak means for their kids’ health.  So, let’s talk measles. What is it? Measles is an easily spread respiratory infection caused by a virus.  Initial symptoms are similar to a bad cold or flu with cough, fever, and runny nose, followed by the tell-tale rash that starts at the head and then spreads downward.  Measles is highly contagious starting about 4 days before the rash appears and for at least 4 days after the rash starts. How does it spread? Measles spreads when a person breathes in or touches fluids […]