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Infant Sleep

Infant Sleep – Every Parent’s Nightmare Waking frequently to feed your newborn or infant is exhausting. Unrealistic expectations for so-called normal infant sleep patterns are very common. You may ask yourself if there is any such thing as a normal sleep pattern for infants; the answer is no. A few babies will sleep all night long, but the majority of babies will not sleep through the night. Of the babies not sleeping through the night, some may wake once nightly whereas others may wake eight times. These babies may wake every night, most nights, or only occasionally. Some babies may have no distinct pattern at all. Your baby’s sleep pattern or lack thereof is not a reflection of your parenting. A common question asked by parents is how many total hours their babies should be sleeping at a given age. You will find many different answers to that question. There […]


Cry, Baby, Cry An inconsolable, crying infant can be very frustrating to parents. This crying may be colic… Colic is generally defined as recurring episodes of excessive crying occurring greater than three hours a day on at least three days of the week for a minimum of three weeks. Colic commonly begins after two weeks of age in infants who are otherwise healthy. Symptoms usually peak around age three months and gradually resolve by age four to six months. The crying of a colicky baby is not due to hunger or pain. In general, colicky babies feed and grow well, have normal poop, and may spit up on occasion. It is not uncommon for colicky babies to have increased gas, likely from swallowing large amounts of air during crying episodes. Difficulty feeding or gaining weight, abnormal pooping, or excessive spitting up is likely not colic and should be evaluated by […]

You give me fever

You Give Me Fever Fever, a common symptom in children, is scary to most parents, but it is one of the body’s normal responses to fighting off an infection. There are many misconceptions regarding fever. It will not “fry” your child’s brain or cause any type of brain damage. Some children have a tendency to get seizures with fevers. These febrile seizures typically occur between six months to six years of age and do not result in any long-term brain damage, nor does it mean that your child has or will have a seizure disorder. Febrile seizures are more likely to occur with a rapidly increasing temperature rather than simply a high temperature. Significant fever is any temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below 100.4 degrees are mild elevations that often do not bother children and typically do not require treatment. A normal body temperature may range from 97 to […]

Measles in Memphis

Measles Mania in Memphis: an Overview of the Outbreak With the recent outbreak of measles in Memphis, there has been a ton of media coverage of the outbreak but not much basic information about the measles.  We have been getting a lot of calls from concerned All Better parents with all sorts of questions about the measles and what an outbreak means for their kids’ health.  So, let’s talk measles. What is it? Measles is an easily spread respiratory infection caused by a virus.  Initial symptoms are similar to a bad cold or flu with cough, fever, and runny nose, followed by the tell-tale rash that starts at the head and then spreads downward.  Measles is highly contagious starting about 4 days before the rash appears and for at least 4 days after the rash starts. How does it spread? Measles spreads when a person breathes in or touches fluids […]

My baby has fever, what would the Pediatrician do?

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My Baby has fever, what would the Pediatrician do? As a pediatrician, one of the most common questions I receive when parents call me during the evening or on weekends is: “My baby or child has a fever of 103 degrees, should I take them to the emergency room?”  Generally, my first question is that it depends how the child is acting.  Most of the time no ER visit is necessary for the fever but we need to determine whether the child is dehydrated and might need IV fluids. Dehydration is a serious pediatric medical issue and requires immediate intervention.  If we do not consume enough liquid, then vital bodily systems such as our kidneys will stop working.  It is important to understand that the longer it takes before receiving fluids, the more time and effort it will take to get rehydrated. Fever and Dehydration Defined Fever is the body’s […]

How to select a baby safety seat for Memphis Moms

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Dr Tamara Folz Tips on Selecting a Good Baby Car Seat: When I meet with an expectant mother for a prebirth tour of All Better Pediatrics one of the most common questions is:  “what is the best baby safety seat for my baby”.  This question is important to most expectant moms as they realize the importance of these wonderful baby safety devices.  In addition, the first time your baby leaves the hospital and enters the real world will be in the confines of that baby safety seat.  So here are my thoughts based on experience in my pediatric clinic and working with hundreds of moms and dads over the years. Purchase the baby safety seat about 6 to 8 weeks before your baby is due just in case your baby is born prematurely.  If you purchase one any sooner you risk not getting the latest and greatest upgrades since improvements […]

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One fish, two fish, Let’s give Dr. Seuss a Birthday wish.

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One fish, two fish, Let’s give Dr. Seuss a Birthday wish. On every street, in every town, let’s all take a moment to slow down. On this day we say “Hooray” and “Happy Birthday” to the man who brought us Cat in the Hat and told us it was ok to eat Green Eggs and Ham. To honor Dr. Seuss get your kids, and do a special craft or read a classic Seuss. Just follow the link below: http://familycrafts.about.com/cs/marchholidays/l/blmar2nd.htm

Valentine’s Day Contest Entries

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We are posting a summary of our Valentine’s Day stories.  They were all wonderful and we thought you would like to read them.  The winner of the gift certificate (by random drawing) was Ms. Ewing. 2011 Valentine’s Day Contest Submissions My husband Nicholas is so special because he truly takes his role as husband and father deeply to heart! Every night he comes home from work and asks me what he can do to make my life better!!! As a mother, you know that often means he can do something to make my children’s lives better/happier and fulfills my needs just the same.  I grew up under very rough circumstances, but my husband has taken it on himself to walk with me and help me see that life can be so sweet! (Kathy B.) I have always know how good I had it, but over Christmas I was remindedWe had […]

Breastfeeding is the Best Value in Memphis Pediatrics


Issue: This week, the IRS announced that moms can pay for expenses related to breastfeeding with pretax dollars.  The decision makes the cost of such things as breast pumps and nipple shields “tax deductible” What it means: You can use your Flexible Spending Account money, use your Heath Savings Account money, or claim itemized deduction for the costs associated with breastfeeding. Depending on your tax bracket, you will receive an actual savings of between 10 and 35 percent of your expenses.  If the cost of a pump and the related supplies is $1,000, you would save between $100 and $350 on your taxes. The only gotcha: If you do not have a Flexible Spending Account through your employer or your own Health Savings Account, you probably will not be able to save any tax dollars.  To claim an itemized deduction for medical expenses, your total medical expenses for the year […]