How to select a baby safety seat for Memphis Moms

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All better pediatrics baby seat article

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Dr Tamara Folz Tips on Selecting a Good Baby Car Seat:

When I meet with an expectant mother for a prebirth tour of All Better Pediatrics one of the most common questions is:  “what is the best baby safety seat for my baby”.  This question is important to most expectant moms as they realize the importance of these wonderful baby safety devices.  In addition, the first time your baby leaves the hospital and enters the real world will be in the confines of that baby safety seat.  So here are my thoughts based on experience in my pediatric clinic and working with hundreds of moms and dads over the years.

Purchase the baby safety seat about 6 to 8 weeks before your baby is due just in case your baby is born prematurely.  If you purchase one any sooner you risk not getting the latest and greatest upgrades since improvements occur quite often.

  1. Purchase the child safety seat from a large retailer that has many different child safety seat brands and products.  While you are there have an experienced clerk or manager demonstrate how to properly use each one since they all use different mechanisms to secure the baby and tighten the straps.  Select the safety seat that you feel is easiest for you to secure the baby and tighten the straps.  In my experience, different mechanisms work easily for different moms and dads.
  2. Purchase a baby safety seat that fits your budget.  Since the baby safety seat must meet government standards, price does not increase safety! Taking the time to properly attach the seat and secure the baby makes you a good parent, not spending the most money.
  3. Purchase a child safety seat that is designed for a baby, not one that is designed to be useful from birth to 100 pounds.  The child safety seats that are useful from birth to 100 pounds sound like a good idea but in reality are very expensive and remember, car seats are improved every few months and you will want to update as your child grows.
  4. After you purchase your baby safety seat do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go directly to Baptist Women’s Hospital after scheduling an appointment with Cathy or Christy (901) 227-9027 of the hospital’s baby Seat Safety Department Really there is such a thing!  Cathy and Christy will help make sure that you have correctly installed your baby’s safety seat and will teach you how to properly tighten your baby in his or her seat.  I know that there are other organizations in Memphis that provide similar service but so far as I know Kathy and Christy are the only ones whose job is 100% child safety seat training.  You do NOT have to be a patient or plan to deliver your baby at Baptist Women’s to schedule an appointment with Kathy or Christy.
  5. I am attaching a link from the American Academy of Pediatrics website that provides more technical guidance.;109/3/550

I am attaching a link to the Mayo Clinic’s website that provides 10 important car safety seat mistakes to avoid.

At All Better Pediatrics, we try to provide Healthcare for kids, and Helpcare for parents.  I really hope this information helps you select the baby safety seat that works the best for you.  I like to know that my patients are safe whether they are on the way to Cordova, Bartlett, East Memphis, Germantown, or my Memphis pediatric clinic.

Healthcare for kids.  Helpcare for parents.