How do we make it all better?

Finding the perfect pediatrician for your little one is one of life’s big decisions. After all, your pediatrician will be there from the time you first hold your child in your arms until the time – before you know it – when your child is ready to go out into the world as a young adult. At All Better Pediatrics, we understand the concerns you might be having as a parent, because we ourselves ARE parents. Our staff members appreciate being able to share the joy of watching your child grow up, and recognize the anxiety you feel when your child is sick or in pain.

Dr. Tamara Folz, Dr. Susan Welch, and our wonderful Nurse Practioner (NP), Jamie Carpenter, take the time to get to know – really know – you and your child. We listen not just with our ears, but with our hearts. We are passionate about making sure mom and baby are always in great health, and our commitment shows 110% of the time.

All Better Pediatrics is an independent, woman-owned, primary care pediatric practice. Dr. Folz, Dr. Welch, and our NP, Jamie, provide the kind of personalized, individualized care that is rarely seen these days. Here, you and your child are not only our patients, but our family. You are important to us. We take pride in answering your calls personally, allowing us to provide the solutions you are looking for that instant rather than making you wait for someone to call you back. We do not rush to get you out the door. And we are proud to admit we know you by name – without a patient chart.

Our office is an extension of our home, where a warm and friendly atmosphere awaits child and parent. . . because really, how else would you treat family?

Come on in. Our door – and our hearts – will always be open to you.

It’s the big things, and the little things, that make us All Better Pediatrics:Dr. Susan Welch

  • IBCLCs available on site for consults to help any mom with breastfeeding
  • Certified as a Breastfeeding Friendly Practice by the Shelby County Breast Feeding Coalition
  • Patient and parent friendly schedules: open on Saturdays
  • All sick patients are seen on the same day you call
  • Routine check-ups are always with a provider that you know and trust
  • Phones answered by a live person who will respond to your questions immediately – no waiting for a nurse to call you back
  • Dr. Folz and Dr. Welch answer all weekend and evening calls because they do not believe in having their patients talk to a call center
  • Pre-birth office tour: one-on-one guided tour and Q & A session with Dr. Folz, Dr. Welch and/or our Nurse Practitioner, Jamie
  • Lab services provided onsite for convenient and quick test results
  • Flexible immunization choices – we are willing to follow traditional and alternative (such as Dr. Sears’) vaccine schedules
  • We coordinate with obstetricians, midwives, and adoption agencies
  • Conveniently located at Poplar and I240
  • Accept all insurance plans with the exception of TNcare
  • Offer prenatal breastfeeding classes